The following videos may not have been “the best”, but in our opinion they were the most entertaining to watch. Some of the videos are out right ground breaking while others have a ton of box combos. Regardless of the style of riding, here are the videos that made the cut. If you think the list could be better, leave your opinions in the comments below. We’d love to hear what other videos you think should have made the list!


Matt Ray – Shadow – Welcome to the Skeleton Crew

Matt recently transitioned into street riding but one couldn’t tell by watching this video. Since the transition his bmx career has developed exponentially quick. Everything he does is flawless. He received tons of attention in 2015 and it’s well deserved. He was added to the Subrosa and Shadow AM teams in what seemed to be a test phase. His riding surpassed many of these companies pro’s but he’s been bumped to pro for both brands. Matt throws down in this recent welcome to shadow mix. The manual down whip 180 and 540 backwards manual is on another level.  


Matt Nordstrom – Odyssey 30-15

Matt is a crank flip and nose manual god. He fell into the limelight with his techy jibberish. To say the least, he’s an internet sensation. Every edit dropped in 2015 had some type of kick flip NBD. His odyssey 30-15 section is no exception. He is one of the leaders of the new age tech, coaster, and switch riding. Both Odyssey and Fit bumped him to pro after a short period. Some of the highlight in this particular edit is the nose manual 180 crank flip, hard 180 crank flip, crank to nose, and a candy bar on a freakin bank.


Zach Gerber – Daily Grind Hard Times

Zach’s style of riding is beyond unique. So why isn’t he sponsored by several heavy companies? I couldn’t answer that, but nearly every clip in this section is a banger. Zach is far underrated in my opinion. He doesn’t quite get the recognition he deserves. Everyone has seen this guy while browsing instagram. Often times his front flips go viral immediately after an edit drops. Many of the flips in this video were cropped out dropped on social media because they’re simply unfathomable to most. Some highlights were the 180 pegs to turn down cab, street front flips, backward tooth, and a nollie wall ice.


Alex Haim – 2015

Quite honestly, Alex is one of the best park riders around. He is not just another park rider doing tons of bars and tailwhips. Well yes, he does many of those but to another extreme. Alex was recovering at the beginning of 2015 and ruptured his spleen in mid 2015. Despite being injured for most of the year he was still able to bless us with this masterpiece. This guy can click an invert that makes the steez lovers jizz and throw the trendiest tail whip combos. Some of the crazier clips in this video include a 360 canjam on coping, 180 whip to tuck on a spine, and tons of whip to footjam whip to downside whips that I can’t quite wrap my brain around.


Garrett Reynolds – Red Bull – Unreal BMX Street Riding

For years, Garrett has been the most progressive and influential street riders. 2015 was no exception. Once again, Garrett has proved that no one can mimic his style or keep up with his level of riding. We didn’t see much of Garrett in 2015 but as always, he proved he is still the forefront of progression. Just as everyone thought others were catching up to his level of riding, he nose manualed a kink rail proving common belief to be wrong. The most insane clips include  a nose manual to tailwhip, nollie truck and a over nose switch tooth back over again!


Alex Donnachie ALVX

Alex’s riding is innovative and gnarly. He can get super tech on a flat ledge but it’s not the 3 MPH riding that everyone bashes. It seems he has every variety of grind on lock which allows him to get jibby and throw scary grinds down the larges of sets. This video is peg heavy but the variations in and out are superb. Even without pegs, Alex could grind everything site on his crank arm. A few moves that stood out for me were the over hard switch 3, switch nose to over ice  and over smith ice down a hefty rail.


Daniel Sandoval – Red Bull – Never-Been-Done BMX Tricks w/ Daniel Sandoval

With the endless variations in this video it’s no wonder why Daniel is on top of the contest scene. I think this edit could have been more unique and jibby compared to Alex Haim’s or Jason Wattz’ videos but, I’m not complaining because that’s just not his style of riding. Although he did half cab nose manual 3 into a quarter. Some of the variations in this include 3 chip catch whip, frontflip flair, triple tailwhip, 3 whip double bar, 3 bar downside whip, 3 downside whip to tuck etc. It’s non stop with this guy!


Dennis Enarson – Haro SDv2

It’s nice watching videos where you can’t quite tell which way the person whips or bars. Dennis falls into this rare ambidextrous category. I think everyone agrees when I say he is one of the most well rounded riders there is. He can win gold medals in park contests and lay down the wildest street videos. His haro SDv2 promo embodies his adaptability in a special way. This isn’t the most impressive video Dennis had dropped but then again, everything he does is impressive. Some of the clips I enjoyed were the gap to crook on a kinked rail, 3 look back both ways, and the switch 5 backed with a regular 5 over a fence!


Cult Crew / Chase Hawk Washington

If you have seen chase ride you undoubtedly know he’s one of the smoothest. In fact, he won first in xgames in 2014 with nearly no trick but style. You can watch the run here. I think this entire video is better than his cult talk is cheap video which dropped later in 2015. The washington bowls are Chase’s natural habitat. He only pedals twice in the whole video which makes it even more buttery and pleasing to watch. From 6:20 forward is the highlight in my opinion. He landed everything perfectly….


Justin Spriet – Fitbikeco.

Any video Justin was a part of in 2015 could have made this list. His style of riding is dialed yet filled with every trick in the bag. He too is apart of the few that do everything both directions. Half of the clips in this video include switch bars but if you aren’t a veteran you’d just figure it’s a bar. Some of the more wild moves were the pegs tire to nollie bar, tooth to tuck, crank arm to whip, and a casual no foot can off a stair set.