Note: Some of the trends below originated in 2015 but I decided to include them since they’re still alive and gained even more popularity in 2016.

Pick up bars

If you haven’t noticed by now, pick up bars are entirely more fashionable than hop bars. Why would you even do a barspin in the air anyways? In all seriousness pick up bars can be cool with all the different variations. Just because the pick up bar is done on flat land doesn’t mean it’s any easier to learn. A lot of riders use their back foot to rest on their peg to gain stability while tossing the bars. Others do it without the assistance of their peg. Which seems impossible to me and many others. I believe this trend gained popularity from the common crew and their massive following. Yet, I do not know where this trend began. Drop a comment if you can pinpoint the creator of the pick up bar.

Pick up bar user and abuser. Ethan Corriere


Cuff pants

This trend reminds me of sagging era when people would buy jeans too big in the waist just to look cool and have their asses out. Nowadays everyone wears long legged jeans just to roll them up neatly?! Cool, we get it, you’re trendy and buy clothes that do not fit. When will this fitting madness end?! Why would one intentionally purchase long jeans just to manually roll them up daily? Simply put, because it looks cool and everyone else does it. Dear perpetrators, taking extra time out of your day to roll up your jeans is a waste of effort and potentially dangerous if you ride bmx (ie. jeans may get stuck in the sprocket).

Pro tip: If you want to be more time efficient and lessen the chance of ruining jeans or falling go ahead and choose the correct jean length!

@ 1:52 we see AK with cuff pants and follows up with a switch 3 afterwards. Talk about trendy!



Props to everyone who makes webisodes or vlogs because they’re doing what they love, documenting it, and often times creating an additional stream of income. “Vloggers” are either loved or hated for their attempts to entertain. Vlogs often get a rap of being boring because many channels simply record hours of conversations. Then, edit an hour long video that only includes 10 – 20 minutes of riding. This style of vlog may lead one to think “why not create a 20 min video day in the life video and a podcast instead?”. I’m not against vlogs by any means but, some content should just be excluded (ie. hitting the local coffee shop, washing the vehicle, vaping etc.). Kudos to those who know how to switch of the theme or feels of their videos.


Switch tricks

Switch tricks have been prominent in BMX since the beginning. Yet, in today’s day and age you are behind if you can’t at least spin both ways. All the cool kids can barspin, tailwhip, or grind ambidextrously (on both sides or throw the trick either direction).

Note, there’s also “switch footed riding”. Where people ride with their opposite foot forward to make any trick that much harder. Some riders are even throwing crank flips with their opposite foot forward, or crank arm rails with both ways to make things more difficult.


Crank Flips

Crank flips are an old fad which have been around for ages, but in the past few years riders have bringing them back in all sorts of tech lines. It’s one of those tricks that are cool for a few years and then degress into thin air. Sort of like fast plants. Some of the new variations we have seen in the past few years are 180 cranks flips, double crank flips over stair rails, and nose manual 180 crank flip. Two of these are by one rider. Bonus points if you know who.  

Zoom in ig videos

I don’t have much info on this one but I do know I see it constantly. The zoom trend isn’t specific to bmx but in my opinion, is most commonly seen in skatepark related activities.Ig clips are usually slow mo’d during in technical move such as a crank flip, barspin, tailwhip, or kick flip


A video posted by Daniel Kim (@madebyasian) on


Tech riding

I’ll begin with defining my idea of tech riding. Tricks or lines that have many combinations. This could vary from a lip trick to some interesting grind combo followed by a barspin. Riders generally do these tricks while going slow, backwards or in stalls. A tech style of riding makes for an interesting watch if the rider isn’t going 5 mph the entire video. A good example of this type of riding is grant germain. All of his clips are fairly technical yet he goes super slow in every video. Some more interesting and speedier tech riders include include Matt Nordstrom, Chad Kerley, Alex Donnachie, and Matt Ray.

Some crankflippin tech riding for your viewing pleasure.


A video posted by FUEGO (@devonsmillie) on

Many individuals in the industry make it evident that they smoke because they want to be known as the rebellious person who is open about their lifestyle and habits. Yet, Gold medalist winners such as Chase Hawk and Garrett Reynolds surely smoked at one point or currently do, but they don’t promote the use of marijuana. This habit shouldn’t be promoted or celebrated in any serious sport. If you are a professional athlete or have hopes to be you should keep your habits out of your videos. If you’re a site owner and it brings you popularity or more revenue, then more power to you. We just believe anyone with a large following shouldn’t make a negative habit seem cool to a bunch of susceptible children. Adam LZ knows what’s up.


Nose manuals

Nose manuals are nothing new but riders are taking the balancing maneuver to new extremes. Most pros are fairly dialed on their front ends and many specialize in the trade. It’s difficult to comprehend how some can balance on their front wheel longer than most riders can manual on the rear wheel. Or, the countless tricks being thrown out of the trick ie tuck no hander, barspin, tailwhip, crank flip 180 etc. Put this one in your bag for fun variations and if you want to be apart of the #TrendyCrew2016. Haha!



We know where the name of this trick originated but not sure who coined the term. Regardless, nollies have been abused lately to make trick more difficult. Not to mention, they’re tons of fun once you get a good pop. Nearly every trick you can do out of a bunny hop can be done using a nollie. The options are limitless.



I’m sure I’ve excluded a few are that some feel should have made the list. If you think I missed a few drop us a line below.