If you can already hop, we have tips for you too. Below, we break down what needs to be done, with what body parts and when.

To bunny hop well you must be able to get the front and back wheel of the ground separately. Most riders can pull the front end up easily so I’ll describe how one could work on getting the back wheel off the ground in this paragraph. If you can get both wheels up or hop please skip to the next paragraph. To practice getting the back wheel up one could find a wall or curb to attempt “endos”. I like to call this “trick” a nose press or wall press, but that’s beside the matter. When you approach the curb go very slow at first. Put the bike in front of you with your arms to soften the impact of tire vs wall. You s

hould be able to pull the tire back right before hitting the wall and somewhat stop yourself. Once you are able to do this work on pushing the bars forward and letting your feet up as you stop by wedging the wheel into the curb. With practice you will able to get the back end up using a curb or while riding flat.

If you can hop over 2 feet go ahead and skip to paragraph 3. If you can get both ends up separately begin popping your front wheel on to a curb and then lifting your back wheel up immediately after. This method will teach you timing as well as how to combine the pull up and level out motions. When beginning the bunny hop you want to dip your body down with your legs and arms for a spring like effect. By dipping one can generally pull the front wheel up faster and taller which leads to a higher hop. The best way to learn to pull up high is by practicing over a forgiving obstacle. After dipping and pulling the rider must level the bike out using his arms and feet. The arm motion differs from the wall press because the rider will be pulling the bike up and then pressing forward with their arms in one motion. Take a moment, put your arms out in front and simply lift your elbows.  The arm motion is similar but different to the elbow rising and wall pressing motion. Once one can hop a foot or so they can begin to pick the legs up during the level out phase to add extra height. If you did the wall press above it’s a similar leg motion. Once you dial in the pulling up and leveling out you may need some tips on getting that extra inch or two of height while trying to hop over that pesky rail.

To hop super high you have to get the front wheel up quickly to obtain maximum height. To work on this practice dipping and exploding while hopping over an obstacle. Find a string to practice getting your front wheel over it. This will quicken the motion while providing safe repetition. Once you can hop two or more feet you can begin to use your legs as an extra boost to get the front wheel higher. You can do this by “jumping” once your arms can pull up no further. Your bike should be steep and this is would be the last mini motion you do before the rear wheel leaves the ground. Lastly, the legs can assist in achieving maximum height by tucking after the mini jumping motion. Before getting to the top the bunny hop one can suck the rear end up by bringing their knees to their chest while extending their arms forward.

The basics have been explained. Keep practicing to master this motion. It may take you years to hop as high as your handlebars. That’s ok though. Go out, explore the city with your friends and have a good time on two wheels.