Garrett Reynolds AKA the king of barspins – Tooth 180 barspin

Below we describe the technique of throwing the bars. We go over exactly what your hands need to do and practical methods to work up to tossing the bars in the air.

 The first thing you want to determine is which hand you want to throw the bars with. If you bunny hop with your right foot forward it’s likely you will prefer to throw the bars with your right hand – and vise versa. It seems that most “normal footed”(spins i.e. 180* the same direction as their back foot) riders have more stability throwing their bars this way while spinning. If you personally feel more comfortable throwing the bars opposite of how I described above, then do barspins that way. I strongly encourage everyone learning barspins to begin throwing the bars with both hands once they learn it one way. To initially learn this motion I recommend placing the back foot on your back peg while keeping the other on your pedal. This will teach you to throw,  follow, and catch the bars. You can lean over your bike to practice the motion too.

Once you pull up or bunny hop you want to level the bike out. Then, put your non-throwing hand in the area you want to catch the bars as your flicking with your throwing hand. Have your non-throwing hand ready for the initial catch but out of harm’s way. I usually suggest putting the non-throwing hand near your seat at first. After flicking the bars, you want to follow the bars with the throwing hand and flip your wrist over in the same motion. You can follow the bars, or completely let them go until the bars hit your non throwing hand. To get the throwing hand on just follow the bar as described above or place the hand on after the initial catch with the opposite hand.

I hope this cleared things up for any once trying to learn this trick. You may have to practice several times a day standing over your bike just to get the motion down – but if you are able to J hop and mastered the motion on the ground are on the road to success.

Note: If you can’t “J” hop then you should try to find a quarter or bank to gain enough height and time to perform this trick.

Good luck.

Here’s some tips from the pros! If you still have questions, feel free to write us below.