Q: What makes this site different than other sites alike?

A: We embrace all styles and genres of BMX riding (park, street, dirt). We strive to be THE all encompassing resource for BMX riders.We’re not concerned using exclusive content. Our site includes an array of videos from all the top competitors so you don’t have to jump from site to site to view your preferred terrain. (Do you organize it differently?) We post nearly every bit of news,video contest updates, local skateparks reviews, product reviews, your favorite riders, their set-ups, Vlogs and more.


Q: You seem to only share other sites content, why is this?

A: In short, we pride ourself in sharing the latest and greatest content. Our goal is to provide everything you’d possibly need in one area. Once this is accomplished we will further expand to offer original content. Such as personal Vlogs, how to’s, etc. If you have something you’d like to see on the site we’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line at the email below.


Q: I think BMX is really cool but my parents won’t buy me a bike, do you have any suggestions?

A: Why yes, yes we do. We recommend you save 100 dollars from mowing lawns, raking leaves, chores or other paid jobs. Then you should go to walmart and buy any BMX bike you feel comfortable on. From here, you should learn the basics. If you’re passionate for the sport your parents will notice and may buy you a better bicycle. If you can shell out $200+ on a bike you should get yourself a Fit or Cult complete.


Q: How can I get my video or photos on the site?

A: Please forward all requests to [email protected]. We plan to create an AM section for the up and coming riders.


Q: I’m new to BMX, where can I buy a “pro” BMX bike?

A: Firstly, we recommend buying from local bike shops. Simply Google, “BMX bike shops near me”. If you happen to live in the middle of Kansas, we recommend one of the following online distributors.

Empirebmx.com – Located in Austin TX.

Danscomp.com – Located in Indiana


Q: How can I find spots and people to ride with?  

A: Unfortunately we can’t assist in finding street spots but we can give you a suggestion on how to locate skateparks and people to ride with. Check out Concretedisciples.com or our skatepark directory (U.S. only). Find the closest parks and explore them. There’s usually a group of locals at each park, you just have to find out when they ride.


Q: How do I get sponsored?

A: The simple answer to this is learn new tricks, ride constantly, make mediocre edits and have fun while doing so. Many times people become eager to gain recognition of their new found skills. They send in “sponsor me” videos or go around asking local bike shops. This is exactly what you don’t want to do. Trust me, when you are good enough, your skills will be recognized eventually. If you know you are at a level of riding to be recognized then create tons of content via YouTube. We’ve included this link for those who want more in depth information or feel they should be recognized by now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExyvpxXZjPs


Q: How do I pick a frame?

A: Please see the How To section


Q: How do I choose a complete

A: Please see the How To section